An Environmental Audit Primer


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This course will give you the tools to conduct an internal environmental audit at your workplace. You will learn of the different types of audits and about auditors and the basic steps of an audit. This course will also teach you the essential aspects of an audit checklist and how to develop a checklist based on Environmental Management System procedures. You will also explore non-compliance, corrective actions and an audit closing meeting.


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Its great to have a system in place for making your organisation an environmentally sustainable one, but how do you know if that system actually works? Conduct an environmental audit, that’s how. This easy-to-understand course will guide you through the steps to pursue an audit, complete with corrective actions, and a closing meeting.

After you complete this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explain the different types of audits and the levels of auditing available.
  • Know the qualifications of auditors and the preparation that they need to conduct an audit.
  • Understand the basics steps in an audit and how auditors gather information and evidence.
  • Develop open-ended questions which will help in audit interviews.
  • Understand the essential aspects of an audit checklist.
  • Develop an audit checklist based on EMS (Environmental Management System) procedures.
  • Prepare for an audit.
  • Use an Internal Audit Noncompliance and Corrective Action Report to record non-compliance.
  • Understand the corrective action process and its importance in closing out non-compliance.
  • Gain experience in conducting an audit closing meeting.


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